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Xray: SCX 1/10 Shortcourse Truck

by Xray
XRAY SCX Features:

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CNC-machined from high-quality 2.5mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, the lightweight chassis retains the necessary strength and rigidity for the longer wheelbase SCX and is black coated at XRAY's own in-house fully robotic coating line.

After extensive testing of different chassis designs, the final concept was selected for its flex characteristics and layout to produce the best balance of traction and stability.

The chassis features bent sides for improved stiffness, and increased traction with maximum stability for the truck.

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Side Guards.
Side guards integrate with the chassis and incorporate the adjustable battery holder system.

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Side Guard Braces.
Graphite side guard braces make the front of the car more stable and more predictable. The multiple mounting positions create three possible flex settings.

Soft setting - more aggressive front of the car

Medium setting - setting in between

Stiff setting - more precise handling of the car

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Rear Bumper.
The SCX rear bumper assembly protects the truck from impacts with other vehicles during the close quarters racing common in Short Course events, and also contributes to the scale appearance that makes the class popular.

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Front Bumper.
Just like the rear assembly, the front bumper and body mount provide protection in the case of a serious crash while maintaining the scale appearance.

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Side Bumper Braces.
The side bumper braces provide support to the body in case of an impact and protect the chassis. Velcro tape can be applied to the braces and the body to provide some additional security when mounting the body.

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Battery Holder.
The tweak-free fully adjustable battery holder is integrated into the side guards allowing quick and easy battery position adjustments, as well as simple battery installation through the smart quick-release system.

The battery pack can be moved front/rear to adjust the balance of the car. When the rear motor brace is removed, the battery pack can be moved completely rearward to maximize the rear weight bias and generate extra traction for the rear suspension.

The height of the battery backstop is also adjustable for different battery dimensions.

The battery holders are mounted to the chassis through one connecting screw on each side brace to eliminate any negative effects on chassis flex.

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Gear Box.
The LCG tramsission uses a super-narrow, ultra-low CG gear box with quick & easy diff access. The narrow design of the LCG gear box reduces weight and moves all parts closer to the chassis centerline. The included gear box layout moves the weight of the motor forward to place more weight over the front axle for improved steering and corner speed on high grip surfaces.

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Diff Height Adjustment.
The LCG gear box also features a differential height adjustment. There are 6 height adjustment positions available using the included eccentric bushings. The ideal position will vary depending on the track conditions, ride height and the size of the tires used.

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Easy Diff Access.
The SCX gear box features easy access to the differential for quick setup changes or maintenance.

All parts fit together perfectly, and the super-easy access to the rear differential will be appreciated by every racer. The durable gear box houses the differential and transmission components and serves as the mounting point for the rear roll center holder, motor plate, and rear shock tower.

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Motor Mount Brace.
The motor mount brace ensures optimum flex via a pivot ball mount that allows some side flex for increased traction.

The design of the SCX layout also allows removal of the motor mount brace to increase flex and to move the battery pack further to the rear for more weight over the rear axles to improve rear traction.

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Gear Differential.
The LCG differential has greater internal oil volume to increase consistency of the diff action, yet at the same time it is narrow to fit into the LCG gear box and to move the rotating weight closer to the centerline.

The super-smooth gear diff includes a composite case and cover with internal satellite gears that are precision-molded from special XRAY-developed graphite composite material, ensuring a long lifespan and super-smooth, efficient operation.

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Slipper Clutch.
Power from the motor is transferred to the drivetrain via an externally adjustable slipper clutch for quick & easy tuning. The 3-pad slipper clutch ensures super-smooth clutch operation and efficient and consistent braking. It is extremely easy to make ultra-fine adjustments to the clutch externally.

The slipper clutch pads are made from ultra-efficient SLS material with very high slip efficiency, allowing for very precise slip adjustment.

The lightweight slipper plates are machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and additionally hardened before a final black surface treatment. The plates have a machined relief which decreases the friction surface to assist with clutch slip adjustment. With this plate design, pressure is focused on the circumference of the clutch pads for increased efficiency.

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Motor Plate.
The super lightweight motor mount is machined from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and is designed to fit the LCG gear box design and spur gear protector.

The molded composite gear protector prevents contact between the spur gear and the body. Moulded from strong, lightweight material, the cover helps to protect the body shell and spur gear.

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Steering System.
The dual-arm steering system is simple and effective. The steering system is fully bearing-equipped with 8 high-speed ball-bearings for very precise steering. The Ackermann is easily adjusted by changing the steering link mounting positions on the steering plate.

Bump steer is can be adjusted for more aggression by inserting a shim between the steering block and steering linkage.

Ackermann is also tunable by inserting a shim on the steering plate or by changing various graphite extension plates on the steering blocks.

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Roll Center Holder.
Both front & rear suspensions feature adjustable suspension holders with multiple roll center positions. The roll center holder is designed to fit the LCG gear box and serves as the rear anti-roll bar mount.

An optional rear aluminum roll center holder features roll center positions in between the stock positions for additional tuning choices.

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Drive Shafts.
SCX constant velocity drives are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel. The drive shafts are some of the world's thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used.

Hardened with a proprietary hardening process, the drive shafts provide unbeatable lifespan and reliability.

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Rear Uprights.
The rear uprights feature aluminum roll center mounts with adjustable roll center positions The upper roll center is adjusted at the camber link via shims (up/down & in/out), while the lower roll center is adjustable via eccentric inserts for 9 different positions (up/down & in/out).

The multi-function uprights have the upper roll center position in the middle of the axis of the driveshaft joint to help generate more traction and increase stability.

There are three different uprights available: hard (included), graphite (optional), and aluminum (optional), each suitable for different track conditions.

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Shock Towers.
Front and rear shock towers are molded from strong composite materials and include multiple upper shock positions.

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Suspension Holders.
The aluminum suspension holders feature the Integrated Suspension Settings (I.S.S.) which allows for quick & easy suspension geometry set-up.

Using eccentric bushings that are inserted into the Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum suspension blocks, as well as additional shims and turnbuckles, the SCX suspension geometry is completely adjustable:

- camber

- toe-in

- rear roll-center

- anti-squat

- track-width

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Suspension Arms.
The suspension arms are the result of long-term testing of different designs and layouts. Length, thickness, flexibility, geometry, and materials used... these are all part of the concepts and details that are thoroughly reviewed to create optimum suspension arms.

The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough for durability. The exclusive composite mixtures used for suspension arms are a perfect balance between reliability and performance.

There are three different suspension arms available: medium (included), hard (optional), and graphite (optional), each suitable for certain track conditions.

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Wheel Hubs.
The SCX comes equipped with offset hexes to perfectly match the width of the car.

Ultra-lightweight 12mm wheel hex-drive hubs are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. These ultra-true hex hubs have a clamping design to ensure ultra-solid mounting of the wheel's hub.

To adjust track-width, optional offset wheel hex-drive hubs are available.

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Steering Blocks.
The tiny yet tough steering blocks are comprised of composite steering blocks and graphite Ackermann extensions for variable Ackermann positions.

The blocks are molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength.

There are three different steering blocks available for various track conditions: medium (includedl), hard (optional) and graphite (optional.)

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Caster Blocks.
The caster blocks are very lightweight, yet their construction makes them very stiff & rigid. Caster can be adjusted with values 0° , 2.5° , or 5° using included caster bushings.

There are two different caster blocks available: medium (included) and hard (option), each suitable for different track conditions.

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Chassis Brace.
The front lower chassis brace is another component of the Multi-Flex system that influences flex and handling. There are two different chassis braces available - medium (optional) and hard (included), each suitable for particular track conditions. The brace is mounted directly to the chassis to hold the entire front assembly and front suspension, including the front protection bumper.

An optional medium-hardness composite molded brace is suitable for low- and medium-traction tracks.

The included brace is moulded from hard-hardness composite and is suitable for high- and very-high-traction tracks.

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Front Lower Arm Mount.
The lower composite arm mount is an important part of the chassis where the lower arms mount, and the block has an integrated 26° kick-up angle. Optional aluminum and brass arm mounts are available to alter kickup geometry and for additional weight balance adjustment.

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Upper Deck.
As a part of the Multi-Flex system, the front upper deck is used to adjust chassis flex.

There are two different upper decks available - medium (optional) and hard (included), each suitable for particular track conditions.

An optional medium-hardness composite upper deck is great for low-and medium-traction conditions.

The included brace is moulded from hard-hardness composite and is suitable for high-traction and very-high traction conditions.