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Mon-Tech Racing: RS GT3 190mm Touring Car Body

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The brand new RS-GT3 for 190 mm electric cars, this bodywork was made for the popular class GT1 / 10 -USGT
The RS-GT3 bodywork was designed and manufactured by the Mon-tech Racing research and development office that works on real 3D models, with molds milled with CNC machines to have maximum precision in the details and to provide a final product as detailed as possible.
The new RS-GT3 is equipped with an aggressive front splitter to facilitate entry into curves, the low hood characteristic of the real model, with the rear wing designed with an aerodynamic "CFD" program to obtain maximum aerodynamic load performance and give the model the best possible stability.
The rear wing has two cutting lines one is the cutting line as per USGT regulation with a height of 10 mm and the second is a cutting line (free ..) of 20 mm for an additional aerodynamic load.
To produce the body, Mon-tech Racing uses a 0.75mm high quality polycarbonate which guarantees strength and lightness.
The body has been designed with ample space in the wheel arches and the body can be mounted forward or backward by 3 / 4mm to provide more steering where required according to the track conditions, without losing the rear downforce, thanks also to the wing allowing it to work only in "clean air".
The bodywork is sold transparent with masking for the windows, a sheet of decals and the screws to fix the rear wing, all packed in a practical resealable Mon-tech Racing bag.
All Mon-tech Racing products are designed and manufactured inside its factory to guarantee Mon-tech Racing quality to its customers and to be sure that the production procedure is always controlled and of the highest quality.
Thanks to Apaint for the splendid coloring.

All Shells come with
  • Protective Overspray Film
  • Window Masks
  • Decal Sheet
  • Body comes in Crystal Clear Polycarbonate